Storage and Filesharing

Quick Filesharing

If you're looking for a quick way to share files, Google Drive via is probably best.

Departmental Network Storage

The department offers Network Attached Storage to research groups via CIFS. If your group is not listed in the group server map found below, it likely does not have departmental storage. If you would like storage, please contact Max Kopelevich.


Department Network Storage can only be accessed via deptartmental wired networks or from the departmental VPN.


  1. Finder
  2. Go
  3. Connect to Server
  4. smb://<servername>/groups


  1. Download from realm-CHEM.UCLA.EDU.reg
  2. Merge realm-CHEM.UCLA.EDU.reg by double clicking and accepting the many propts. (Windows10 1909 or higher!)
  3. Open Explorer 📂 (the file manager, not Internet Explorer the web browser) to This PC (aka Computer, My Computer).
  4. Right-click within the window.
  5. Add a network location
  6. Next
  7. Choose a custom network location
  8. Next
  9. Internet or network address: \\<servername>\groups
  10. Next
  11. Type a name for this network location: <servername>
  12. Next
  13. ☑ Open the network location when I click Finish.
  14. Finish
  15. OK

group server map